Every singer that I have come across wants to hit high notes.

I am one of the Voice directors in my church choir. I did a little survey to know the problem my singers are having concerning their voice,and one thing all of them had in common was “wanting to hit high notes”. This problem is not common to my choristers only. It’s a prevalent problem everywhere. Singers wants to hit high notes and be applauded as “that girl that sings high note”

The problem is they don’t realize that singing high notes is not very much important. Singing high notes is not what makes you a good singer. What makes you a good singer is your Tone quality, tone color, musicianship. People focus on high notes and forget to work on their low notes. Remember “pitch” is not just about going up its also in the going down.

Pavarotti wasn’t a singer with so much high pitch singing. But he was one of the worlds renowned singers of all time.

What about angelique kidjo who is a Grammy award winning singer. She doesn’t have that Celinedion pictch we all wanna sing.

You mustn’t sing High notes. Your voice range may not go into the “high zones” but you can definitely still be an amazing singer.
However, you can extend your Voice range by doing some voice exercises.

The key is play around your range. Be so comfortable singing on the range you have and express freely with it. Be confident in who you are and the voice you have. Instead of killing yourself trying to sing high notes. Work on your Voice tone instead-that beauty your voice carries everytime you open your mouth to sing. Work on your breath-even if you wanted to sing high notes and you can’t properly manage your breath you would eventually end up losing your voice in its entirety.
Work on your musicianship which is the total package of any musician.

I know alot of singers who don’t even have good Voices in the way we think of the phrase “good voice” but are going places because they aren’t just Vocalists they are musicians,who have mastered the art of musicianship.

However if you must sing high notes. There are voice exercises you must be religiously do. Note that voice exercises can be boring and stressful but commitment to it would eventually yield results.

Source: Truenaijayarn.com