#1 Daenerys Targaryen

The fierce Queen Daenerys controls her dragons in the HBO TV film series as she does in the book Game of Thrones and actress Emilia Clarke makes sure of that.

#2 Joffrey (Lannister) Baratheon

The young King of the Andals seemed a bit more mature in the book than on the TV series played by the Irish actor Jack Gleeson, especially when he marries Margaery Tyrell and is assassinated by drinking poisoned wine.

#3 Tywin Lannister

The character of Tywin Lannister in George R. R. Martin's book is best known for his brilliance and strategy, and is played well and complimented by British actor Charles Dance.

#4 Cersei Lannister

The beautiful but cunning, flaxen-haired queen Cersei Lannister is just as seductive and dangerous in the novel as actress Lena Headey portrays her on the TV screen.

#5 Tyrion Lannister

Actor Peter Dinklage plays the impish, formidable Tyrion Lannister in the film, and we must admit is much less intimating than his fantasy novel character who is downright frightening!

#6 Ygritte

In the novel and in the film, Ygritte is a fiery wildling woman whom Jon Snow encounters and falls in love with, as many of us do too while being protrayed by actress Rose Leslie.

#7 Oberyn Martell

Actor Pedro Pascal plays the hot blooded, dark Oberyn with the same "black viper eyes and a sharp nose", and as in the books he doesn't fail to keeps us wondering what's next, as he wields his poisonous spear.

#8 Bran Stark

The young Bran Stark is the second son of Eddard "Ned" Stark and his wife Catelyn, and true to the novel he also favors his mother's side in appearance in the TV series as played by child actor, Isaac Hempstead Wright.

#9 Catelyn Stark

In both book and film, Catelyn Stark is beautiful with auburn hair, blue eyes, and long fingers, and dressed simply in the grey of House. In the TV series she is keenly portrayed by Irish actress, Michelle Fairley.

#10 Eddard (Ned) Stark

TV producers killed Eddard Stark's character sooner than we were ready, especially since he was played by stellar British actor, Sean Bean. This honorable character is presented in both novel and film as being the beginning story's narrative and devoted itself to his point of view, more than any other single character.