After shootings this week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas, Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson is taking steps to make sure people stay safe.“It makes us more vigilant and determined to protect the public,” Anderson said. With more vigils and prayer services scheduled in the coming days, Anderson said he is beefing up patrols with more officers on the ground and on top of buildings. “Obviously with last night’s event in Dallas, we’re going to be more vigilant, more present,” Anderson said. “We want people to come express their concerns but we want to make sure they’re safe.”

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is also on high alert, saying the city’s police force is trained and prepared to handle these types of situations. “Nashvillians want to come together, and we’ll make sure those gatherings are peaceful and safe while people come together to mourn and grieve,” Barry said. Moving forward, both Barry and Anderson said bags will continue to be checked at large events. Backpacks and purses will also be searched. “This is the new normal,” Anderson said. “I think that we first started talking about that after the Boston Marathon bombing, and what you see at every big event around Nashville now is increased security.”