Everyone is bestowed with different abilities in life to be good and show forth diligence. How nice can I be? This depends solely on the figuring of an individual to make use of honesty and truth. Honesty can be a facial emblem, but with a joint task of truthfulness then respect for being nice comes in. Unfortunately, when you are well to do in every sphere of sincerity; the foolish, egocentric, adults, colleagues, bosses, teachers and parents, uses the privilege to act on your gesture. Being nice is not an everyday routine you accomplish with people due to their malicious intent in pulling you down. For those who are self righteous in their everyday doing, they sacrifices so much to fulfill all righteousness for being nice. Sadly enough carry on with it for only God will reward this act. It is certain that when you give out little, people drill much or sip extra kindness from you. Do I need to be nice? Really, limiting the possibilities of those common things that they are familiar with you will reduce the tendency afore mention above. Though it is never easy to come by, just avoid being arrogant and show maturity of yourself which is self-control. People will surely talk behind you or get you shrouded with rage only when it has gotten full in their gorge, for surely they will exhibit it in front of you. Hmm! You need to be nice, like they say “smiling sells”. Ever wonder when you visit a restaurant and everyone there is about their business without a welcome note to say “How may i help you”. What do you think will happen to such customer’s notion, politeness to demand what he or she wants. Obviously, being nice is expensive but it is sold cheap. The reason for this is that many price it and use it to uphold their brand name and thereby credit you too little. Be nice? Simply for your own glory, for those who use you will praise you knowingly and unknowingly. A good name is better than side talks here and there. Most times your instincts may want to react to how foolish you show this kindness to others, but the fact still remains that you must be spirited when it comes to crowd contacts. Already you are a limelight people often see, which should allow you to paddle well for being nice.

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