5,600-mile cable between the west coast of the US and two cities in Japan – is now bringing faster internet to more of the world.
The Google-backed cable project, codenamed FASTER, has now gone live so data can be carried under the Pacific at around 60 terabits per second. That’s about 10 million times faster than the average cable internet connection.

As a result of the new connection, faster internet will now make its way into Asia, as well as along the west coast of the US.

Global Transit, China Telecom Global, Singtel, China Mobile International and KDDI are the other firms partnering on the project, which promises to improve connection speeds throughout Asia as well as in the likes of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

It is the highest capacity undersea cable ever built, according to Google, with the US firm due to have exclusive access to a pair of the fibre strands within the cable, able to deliver around 10 terabits per second.

Google added the new cable will enable it to use the capacity to support users of Google Apps as well as its Cloud platform.