A New Kensington man is in custody after a six-hour long standoff with police. Dean Kestler, 54, is facing a number of charges including terroristic threats, recklessly endangering other people and simple assault. New Kensington police said additional charges could be pending. Police said Kestler got into an argument with a neighbor outside of his home along Freeport Road and shot a couple of arrows with a compound bow at the neighbor's dogs. "Then he went back in the house and came back out a second time with a shotgun and threatened the neighbors," said New Kensington Police Chief James Klein. "He went back in the house and from that point on we had no further contact with him even though we made numerous attempts."

A man says his neighbor fired an arrow at his dogs Tuesday afternoon. Dan Goodson said Kestler called him a racial slur and then complained about loud music on Memorial Day. "His first words to me was, 'You better shut those f'in dogs up,' and I responded saying, 'What's going on? Are you shooting at my dogs?'" Dan Goodson said. "I saw Dean come out to his back door, pulled out a bow and shot at the neighbor's dog two times," said neighbor Patrick McCann. "They had a confrontation between the two of them and then the next thing there were police all over the place." Joined by state police, the home was surrounded by 5:30 p.m. Six hours later, Kestler surrendered in an alley behind his home and was taken into custody.

Police said this isn't the first incident they've had with Kestler. "We had an incident about two years ago which was somewhat similar, but not exactly where Mr. Kestler decided to fire off a couple shotgun rounds at his house," Klein said. "He shot at my dogs, at my husband and it's dangerous," Gina Goodson said. "They need (to) put this guy away because this isn't the first or the second time that this has happened. It's scary." "He's usually a nice guy," McCann said. "He does a lot of fishing. It's just unreal....(It) makes you want to keep the kids in the house and stuff because you don't know what he's going to do." "I just hope that we can get justice done, get this man put away for a long time," Dan Goodson said. "He's a danger to the community," Klein said. "This is a very good part of town up here....I truly appreciate the public's patience with us in this situation. I understand it's difficult to have something like this go on all night long."