Local officials have had to resort to drastic measures, installing a GPS tracker to hunt down thieves

A council has been forced to resort to drastic measures after a road sign was continuously stolen thanks to its amusing name.

Local officials in High Point, North Carolina, have tried out many methods over the years to stop the theft of the sign, according to Fox .

From putting concrete in the holes of the post to moving the signs so that they're (seemingly) out of reach, nothing has worked.

The 911 Director of the county says the sign is by far the most stolen, disappearing every 60 days.

Now officials have had to put up an extra sign warning would-be thieves that it has a GPS tracker, meaning police can hunt them down if they nick it. Why's it so popular? Well...

It seems some people think it's far too funny to stay on the street. Perhaps they would like to display it in their own homes.