One of the most charismatic WWE stars is abruptly ending his career in wrestling due to undisclosed medical reasons; but everyone knew that Daniel Bryan, who is known for his "Yes! Yes! Yes!" catchphrase, has been dealing with concussion issues since the last time he appeared in the ring in April of last year.

The 34-year-old is too young to end his WWE career, but the former champion is taking his health problem seriously, which obviously is the right thing to do. Aside from the concussion issues that surfaced last year, he also had to give up the heavyweight championship he won because he had to undergo surgery on his neck.

His popularity started when he began appearing on WWE's reality TV program titled "Total Divas." He then married another wrestling star Brie Bella two years ago and the real-life relationship between the two became a hit on the show.

Although Brie did not provide any statement after Bryan's announcement, it was her sister and another WWE Diva, Nikki, who posted this on Instagram:

"Tonight will be emotional for all of us as we watch one of the best wrestlers that ever stepped foot into that ring retires. Bryan you will leave such an impactful and inspiring legacy behind."

The wrestling star announced his retirement on the Monday night edition of "RAW," where he couldn't hold back the tears on a very emotional night. But for hardcore WWE fans, the news was more of an expected outcome rather than a total surprise. He hasn't seen ring action for the majority of the year due to those reported concussions. He was cleared by several doctors to wrestle again, but top officials of the promotion prevented him from doing so in the fear of seeing one of their biggest stars get hurt on TV.

His retirement speech was quite sad, too. He mentioned that his brain has a problem, though at first he didn't think it was serious. "I have a family to think about, my wife and I want to start having kids soon," he added.
And just like that, the WWE again has to accept another star make his exit. But Daniel Bryan's legacy in the industry remains, no matter what.