for an individual to be successful, there are many obstacles to avoid.

To some people success seems out of reach; it is only meant for rich people or those who are perfect.

However, many have argued that success becomes impossible because people allow it to be that way.
Those who have achieved success know it can be easy to achieve.

It is possible that you have not noticed the signs of failure even though there is an obvious pattern that is being repeated.
Many life instances have been used to diagnose failure.

For instance, experts say if you find yourself running a business and after few months, you abandon it and venture into another, and you keep going through this cycle without growing any of these businesses, then you may never succeed.

Similarly, experts say a successful people should be able to achieve 80 per cent of the goals they set for themselves.

However, when lack of dedication and distractions stand in the way of an individual, the person may end up abandoning goals set with conviction.

A business analyst, Mrs. Adejoke Onabanjo, says failure is not so bad, but the inability to learn from the mistake(s) that led to the failure is what contributes to repeated failure.

Professionals say hard work, no matter how long it takes, pays off in the long run.
Moreover, laziness has been associated with failure because lazy people are not persistent and are always looking for an easy way out of every situation.
People, because of their greed, do not want to start their business on a small scale. Instead, they prefer to wait for huge capital before investing.
Another common act which portrays laziness is the regular patronage of people, who professes to have power that gives instant wealth.
There are several internet adverts these days that promises cash reward with just a click.
It may also be a promise of a newly discovered ‘shortcut’ that will transform your life within a few minutes, hours or days, getting you to your goals and ensuring that you live happily ever after.
In order to overcome this temptation, experts advise that you pause and remember past products you have purchased because of this same appeal and how they turned out.
This will help you save a lot of the time wasted in going after shortcuts and the secret formulas.

Delayed gratification, according to experts, is an intentional act of postponing immediate rewards in order to attain all-round success in future.
“People who are in the habit of spending as they earn may not be satisfied with their earnings after sometime.
Such people, because they want to be like others, using their meagre salary, they shop endlessly, eat like a king and eventually encounter financial problems and may even get into debt.”
She says focusing your energy and mind on immediate returns, places you in a comfort zone and as such you will not want to forge ahead, become significant or stand out of the crowd.
Instant gratification, according to her has no benefit except for the immediate satisfaction. It does not allow you to save for rainy days. Even if such a person had a vision he or she wants to pursue, it will be abandoned.

Professionals say one of the ways of attaining success is to conquer fear, because the fear of failure creates doubts that easily dissuade you from achieving your goal.
However, if your goal is to be average or mediocre then you can keep on doubting.
People who doubt will always have one or two excuses for all their actions whether good or bad.
One factor that separates the good from the great is the willingness to push through fear.
You should be smart about pushing through fear.
Onabanjo says if you start getting out of your comfort zone and facing some of your fears you can eventually overcome it.
Creativity is risky and uncomfortable. Often people try to work on their creativity, and while it is a great skill to develop, it is risky.
The unwillingness to take risks and regularly get out of your comfort zone will inhibit your natural creativity.

Experts say perseverance simply is a conscious persistent determination. It involves regularly evaluating each one of your goals and actions deciding whether or not you should keep going.
So many people who give up in business will always have one or two things to put the blame on.
Although, everyone is aware of the economy which does not make doing business an easy feat.
To overcome this, you need to view the world as one full of endless possibilities.
Once you are pursuing your heart’s true desire, smart perseverance takes care of itself.
You will be naturally motivated to pursue your desires.

A motivational speaker, Andrew Bolis says, surrounding yourself with the wrong crowd will make it much harder for you to succeed. Whenever you spend a lot of time around a person, you naturally become more like them whether they are a good or a bad influence.
However, surrounding yourself with the success models will automatically steer your life and your efforts toward success.
A success model is someone who either has achieved a goal you are working towards or can guide you in the path towards achieving it.
Wealthy Morning To You Great People!