Many Middle Tennesseans are scrambling to make plans for Memorial Day weekend. Those plans will likely include a barbecue, the pool or lake getaway. All fun events, but a group of people are worried the true meaning of Memorial Day is being lost. They are walking across the country to change that. They were in La Vergne on Friday. "La Vergne rolls out the red carpet for us," said Aaron Harrell who walks for Carry the Load.

City hall was decorated with American flags, police cars and hot dogs after the walk. "A lot of heroes in this city and a lot of them turned up today," said La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron. "It's amazing. La Vergne is a great place for Carry the Load," said Matthew Reid, Director of East Coast Relay for Carry the Load. Carry the Load is a nonprofit organization that spends the entire month of May walking fromBoston to Texas reminding people about the true meaning of Memorial Day. "You have to remember why we have it. It's not for those who are currently serving but those who have before us and paid the ultimate price," said Jesse Ross, a Smyrna resident.

Friday's walk went through La Vergne. Community members also joined in on the march. "A lot of people were blowing their horns. Some guys pulled over and saluted as we walked by, that was cool," said Aaron Bock, a La Vergne resident. Others who were walking on Friday do it every day. "It's a constant motion 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Reid said. "At the end of the day you look back and you realized why you are walking, who you are walking for, the people who have lost their lives for this country, and that's what keeps you going," Harrell said.