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Photo: Woman Calls Her Mini Cooper 'Satanic', List it on eBay for Sale @ 10:21 pm On May 17, 2016
by Mvpkunle - (Lientenant)

AN EXASPERATED mum sick of her 'satanic' Mini Cooper repeatedly breaking down listed it on eBay as an 'absolute piece of excrement' - only for it to become a surprise hit.

Rachel Young, 40, had only owned the 2004 Mini Cooper S for 12 hours when it 'blew up' as she drove to work from her home in Darlington, Durham, in March.

Since then, the unreliable motor has been in and out of the garage SIX TIMES, costing her £1,600 in repairs.

Now, sick of the vehicle, the mum-of-one has branded it a 'devil car' and listed it on eBay complete with a ranting list of its breakdown history.

Rachel's troublesome Mini has cost her £1,600 in repairs and six trips to the garage to rectify a host of problems with it Mercury

Along with photos of the motor, mum Rachel posted a long history of its faults on auction site eBay Mercury

The hilarious listing, which includes the declaration 'if you want to have it, it's awful', has attracted more than 150,000 views and more than 1,000 watchers in four days and is now at a staggering £6,900 with 70 bids.

Rachel said: "I was absolutely sick of the car, I was so frustrated that I just wanted rid of it and would have taken £200 for it, despite it costing me thousands.

"I hate it, I never want to look at it again. I think the 'S' in Mini Cooper S stands for Satan as it really is a devil car.

"When I open the door to get in it, I just want to kick it. So I just listed it on eBay to get rid of it as quick as I could.

Mum Rachel has told of her surprise after receiving more than 200 messages about the listing after it went viral Mercury

"Even the garage are exasperated by how many times and how frequently I have been back with it. But I've replaced so many parts on it now I don't think anything else can go wrong with it.

"All my friends are sick to the back teeth of it as they have to keep giving me lifts when I need to get to work and so on. So everyone just wants rid of it.

"I can't believe the reaction the listing has had – I've had more than 200 messages about it, with people offering me all sorts of odd things. One man asked me if I wanted to get married and others have sent me more rude propositions. It is has attracted all sorts of oddballs."

After buying the car on eBay on a Sunday evening, Rachel was driving it to work at 9am the following morning when smoke began to billow from the bonnet and it broke down on the A66 not far from Darlington.

'Devoid of any decency': Watch sickening moment thug robs penioner, 89, in her own home - tearing rings from her fingers

The garage towed her in and confirmed that the car needed a new head gasket, radiator as well as some other parts.

When she collected the car a few days later, Rachel claims to have driven less than a mile out of the garage when it broke down again – this time due to an issue with the water tank.

On another occasion, an issue with the piston rings saw it returned to visit the mechanics – who this time declared that nothing else could go wrong with it. However engine trouble and problems with the tracking saw Rachel return it three more times.

Rachel, who works in communications for an engineering company, said: "I have never had any problems like this with any of my previous cars.

"I was angry with myself for buying it as I had thought something wasn't right about it when the man brought it round. It felt jumpy when I gave it a test drive. But I had a friend check over it and he said it was fine so I went ahead.

"I have never known so much bad luck with a car.

Rachel told how her 'Satanic' Mini first broke down less than 24 hours after she had bought it from a seller on eBay Mercury

Bidding on Rachel's car has already hit £6,900 despite her desription of it as being an 'absolute piece of excrement' Mercury
"I really loved Minis, which is why I got this one, however I never want to own another Mini again. This one has just put me off. I really hate it."

Rachel's eBay listing reads: "Here is for sale my Mini Cooper S (Satan) be under no illusion I hate it!

"I had it ONE day in fact within an hour of driving it it blew up! Had to be towed the entire lifetime of my drive back to find the head gasket had blown!

"The garage then took 11 days to fix it in which I was given a courtesy car from 1974 that drove backwards! I had it back 45 whole minutes and off it went again this time the radiator and the piston rings had gone... 9 days later I'm back in my little metal delight obviously on its best behaviour as I'd just shelled out a grand for it!

"Yesterday my non diesel monstrosity was making a lovely sound like a diesel only it's not! The plungy thing on the timing thing has gone so it's fixed yippee but hell bent on giving me a nervous breakdown this morning rev'd up to the same noise whilst also losing water!

Rachel wrote how her friends got increasingly fed up with her begging for lifts when her Mini was in the garage for repairs Mercury

The garage tell my blondeness this is what minis do and the sound of a steam train I'm told is cool!!! So the whole timing kit is now fitted along with something else I can't be arsed to look in my messages to find out what but it's fixed! It'll be fixed tomorrow £200 thanks!

"Unfortunately our relationship is over the trust has gone I feel nothing but anger and resentment! I cannot put into words how much I hate this piece of shit, I'd rather have a limb off than drive this arsehole a second longer.

"If you want it have it it's awful but on the plus side there is not one bit of it that can now possibly break so in the car world is now classed as reliable in all honesty I'd rather have thrush but take a look, any questions will be greeted through gritted teeth and angered responses!!!"

Re: Photo: Woman Calls Her Mini Cooper 'Satanic', List it on eBay for Sale @ 1:15 am On May 18, 2016
by Olulinks - (Lientenant)


Re: Photo: Woman Calls Her Mini Cooper 'Satanic', List it on eBay for Sale @ 1:27 am On May 18, 2016
by spyrogyra - (Recruit)

lol grin

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