Smartphones have introduced billions of people to the world of photography, the majority of which would likely have never picked up a camera otherwise. In fact, the top five most popular cameras on Flickr are all smartphones.

In honor of National Photography Month, Canon recently conducted a survey in which it asked participants a number of photography-related questions. The results may (or may not) surprise you.

Canon found that 80 percent of respondents rate their only photography skills as good to excellent. More realistically, nearly two-thirds of those respondents believe their skills have improved over the past two to five years.

While some purists may disagree, one of the great things about digital is the fact that you aren’t limited to the number of photos you can snap. As such, Canon says 24 percent of consumers are capturing at least 300 images per month.

What’s more, a whopping 80 percent of people said they capture photos during family gatherings and holidays. That’s a wild statistic when you think that just a decade or so ago, very few people were into photography / owned a smartphone.
Considering how the world experiences technological improvement these days, sounds like there will be eyes everywhere... human eyes and those other eyes (lenses) installed on all kind of cameras, now there's a promise of memory of things we cannot afford not to remember.

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