It's high school graduation weekend in Middle Tennessee, a time when relatives proudly watch young people celebrate a milestone. Britten Gilmore was able to find her anonymous egg donor. In a strange twist, an MLK Magnet High School graduate's biggest milestone was finding one of her relatives. At just 12 years old, Britten Gilmore decided, despite the odds and obstacles, to find her biological mother.

The anonymous donor's egg was fertilized by her father, Jim Gilmore, and placed inside her mother's womb. After a three-year search, a 15-year-old girl discovered her donor. It took years of combing the donor registry to track her down. "I found her code name, copied her code name into Google and put that in Pinterest, and then I messaged her on Facebook," Gilmore said. Her search led to a national television reunion on Katie Couric's show in 2014. Her biological mother, Jolana Talbot, was the wife of a Fort Campbell soldier at the time. But that was three years ago. Would the excitement wear off? would everyone drift back to former lives? This turned out to be the real thing. "We bonded instantly, all of us, they became sisters instantly, we became a family instantly," Talbot said.

If Gilmore fantasized about how finding her egg donor would play out, this is the fairytale ending. Talbot will be attending her graduation. If you do the math, and consider all the egg donations Talbot made, Gilmore could easily have 30 brothers and sisters out there. The search continues.