Do not overcharge your phone
Overcharging your phone it's one of the easiest way to damage your phone battery. As a rule of thumb, you must know how long it'll take to get your phone charged and remove once fully charged.

Disable utility programs
Your phone comes with some inbuilt programs like calculator and flashlight but often times we download more apps some which are useful and practical and they make our life easier. Examples are waze, yelp, smart phone remote control, weather apps, Wi-Fi. Data Network etc. Turn these disable these programs after use in other to improve the battery life of your phone.

Reduce your screen brightness: To maximize your battery life, you should dim the brightness of your device to the minimum. This has dual advantage. It will help protect your eyes because the color emitted affects our eyes and sleeping patterns and also save you some battery life. There are some cool apps that can help lower brightness of our phones- some are twilight for android, bluelight filter and night mode app to name a few.

Activate Power Saver Mode : Power saver mode is a very cool feature in android. Power saver mode helps to optimize and close all sets of unnecessary services and background processes, decrease the display brightness, switch off mobile data etc. This feature is present in most android.

Stop Background Services Apart from using our Android device, we
have some application that runs in background mode thereby consuming your device RAM and Battery. Though, background services are okay because you get updates any time from any apps. But Since it consumes, we have stop such service. For doing this go to Settings> Applications
>Running services. Turn off services like software update, email and other services you are not currently using currently.
device even if not all.

Always check for updates Sometimes you get notification to update your device and sometimes you have to figure that out yourself. To do this, Go to settings > about phone > system updates > check for updates. Press update if a system update is available if not you will see a message that says " Your system is up to date"