Oh discouraged graduate or graduate to be, you say where are the opportunities? Where are the employment offers and internships my advisers promised? What of the last four years of my life, was it all for not? I have student loan debt. Why have the prospective employers forsaken me?

You have not been forsaken, but quite simply, you are owed nothing. Yes, you read that correctly, you…are…owed…nothing…in this life unless you work for it. You have a degree….so does everyone else! The frat parties are over. Spring break is a memory. Dear Graduate, you are in “the big time” now and it’s called life, the “great equalizer”. Nobody will make your success a reality because we’re all busy fighting for the same thing. If you want employment offers and internships you’ll need to hustle and make them happen yourself.
• Have you prepared a professional resume?
•Do you have an updated LinkedIn profile that speaks success and readiness for the “big time”?
•Is your voice mail greeting professional or is it still that raunchy ring tone?
•Are you ready to answer your phone in a civilized manner or do you still answer in “frat speak”?
•Is your social media presence respectable?
•Are you able to articulate your accomplishments in a clear and concise manner?
•Do you need to relocate and if so, did you research the desired geographies and the cost of living?
•Can you afford to relocate if the prospective employer offers little to no relocation assistance?
•Have you made a list of prospective employers (full time or internship)?
•Have you researched your prospects?
•Have you started reaching out to contacts and prospective contacts to sell yourself?

I could go on and on, but he point is, you are owed nothing. If an employment opportunity prior to, or after graduation, or an internship, is something you seek, you’ll need to get out there are hustle to make it happen.

Remember, “something in motion is better than nothing in motion”. If you’re in motion and moving forward (hustling) then something will indeed happen. You have a degree and so does everyone else. Not everyone hustles! Dear Discouraged Graduate, hustle and go sell yourself. You’re in the “big time now” and life’s just begun.

Written by Roccie Pisano
Lead Technical Recruiter - Talent Acquisition
Roccie can be reached @RocciePisano or all your recruiting efforts